Fields of Activity



153 schools
33.000 students
4.200 teachers

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Printing / Packaging / Publication Group

35 million banderols
Printing of 1,5 billion uniforms
17 million corporate quizzes
Production of 8 million boxes / day
Printing of 33 million labels / day
Printing of 250 thousand book / day

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Collective Catering and Food

Catering of 180 thousand portions of meals per day
6 central production plants
30 onsite production plants

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Construction and Real Estate

Construction of new schools at 127.000 m2 project area
Management of 139.600 m2 project area
Construction of 64.000 m2 renovation project area
Construction of 55.000 m2 industrial plant

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Production of 500 thousand textile products / year
Sale of 3 million books - stationery products / year
1.470 school buses

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