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OHS Policy

Occupational Health and Safety is one of the essential priorities for all our companies. Occupational Health and Safety is regarded not as an obligation but as a conscientious responsibility in all our group companies. As the Occupational Health and Safety Department of Bilfen Group Companies, we believe that any risks threatening safety and health of our students, employees, stakeholders and everybody with whom we interact can be prevented. Our activities are carried with a focus on human and the environment and for the purpose of leaving a more liveable world to next generations. Such activities and improvements that fall into the scope of national and international regulations and standards are achieved in our company. Within this framework:

  • Any hazards for the environment and human health in offices, buildings and attachments thereof are foreseen and a risk assessment is made and a healthy and safe working environment is provided
  • Trainings are provided to the employees for the purpose of improving the awareness of occupational health and safety and raising awareness
  • A contingency planning is made and implementations are monitored
  • Any precautions taken against any circumstances that pose a danger are monitored and the required inspections and investigations are conducted in case of occurrence of hazardous situations
  • Any subcontractors who provide a service to our companies are ensured to comply with the rules concerning occupational health and safety

As the Occupational Health and Safety Department of Bilfen Group Companies, we are responsible for providing a healthy and safe environment to our students and their parents, our employees, personnel of our subcontractor firms, local community and our visitors and for minimizing our damages on the environment.

Environmental Policy

  • To prevent environmental pollution and continuously improve the environmental performance criteria with respect to our fields of activity and operations
  • Take environmental impacts which might result from our activities under control and minimize the same through scientific and economic solutions
  • Be responsive to the environment in the investments made
  • Comply with all national and international legal regulations and requirements concerning the environment
  • participate in the environmental activities of official and private enterprises and provide monetary and spiritual support
  • To act with the awareness that the resources in the world are not unlimited and we must leave a more liveable environment to our children; be sensitive in the consumption of energy and natural resources across the companies
  • Ensure the establishment of the required technological and systematic infrastructure for this purpose
  • ensure recycling of the wastes arising from the operations (paper, oil, plastic, batteries etc.)
  • To allocate resources for the trainings to be provided for increasing the environmental awareness across the company and establish an environmentally-conscious corporate culture with all our employees.

Quality Policy

  • To carry out sustainable, reliable, quality and compliant activities with the predetermined standards by developing strategies suitable for the purpose of foundation and fields of activity of all our companies
  • produce suitable products and provide suitable services to the applicable laws and all requirements on the basis of the highest quality level in all services we provide
  • All activities we carry out and all products we produce; improve our collaborations with our business partners and suppliers on the basis of reliability first and then of mutual interests and earnings within the frame of the codes of ethics
  • Work with the persons to whom we provide a service as well as our business partners and suppliers in the light of long term and sustainable cooperation principle required by our quality understanding
  • Follow and integrate into our fields of activity all kinds of technological developments intended for continuous improvement of our quality level in all fields of activity
  • Respect to the personal rights of all our employees who take and do their jobs seriously and willingly
  • Contribute to the personal development of our employees by prioritizing their satisfaction
  • Put all infrastructure and opportunities into the service of our employees in order to be able to provide a quality service and offer quality products

Human Resources Policy

The job definition of all positions in our organizational structure is clear and explicit and the qualifications required for proper fulfilment of these job definitions by our employees are designated by the Human Resources Department

The candidates are expected to have the capabilities required by their positions and such candidates who are good at communication, prone to teamwork, open for development and have a high level of motivation and self-confidence are prioritized

Ensuring the sustainability of our quality services and contributing to personal development of our employees thanks to the qualified trainings provided to our capable employees are important for the maintenance of the reputation of our strong employer brand

Recruitment Process:

  • If any departments have a personnel need, job advertisements are published by the Human Resources Department through ik.bilfengroup.com and yenibiris.com and the recruitment process is commenced.
  • The applications received are evaluated and candidates are interviewed by respective directors and the Human Resources Department
  • Any candidates who are found eligible for a vacant position are subjected to a personality inventory as required by their positions and the candidates who are found to be the most eligible are employed
  • Positive or negative result of an interview is necessarily notified to each candidate with whom an interview has been made

Information and System Security Policies

The "Information and System Security Policies" which are required to be followed by all personnel of Bilfen Group Companies and any stakeholders and guests who are authorized to use the informatics resources for any reason have been designated by the Information Technologies Department. These policies are undersigned in accordance with the "Letter of Undertaking for the Usage of Information Systems".

Personal Data Protection Policy

The Right of Privacy is one of the fundamental rights and duties protected by our Constitution. Current position of technology facilitates malicious interference with individuals' essential rights and freedoms and establishment of legal regulations has become obligatory as a result of the fact that this has become a legal problem. Within this scope, all our companies within the structure of Bilfen Group Companies which adopt compliance with the provisions of all data protection regulations including the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and all related bylaws, directives, notifications and decrees as a priority act as a data controller and pay maximum attention for compliant processing and protection of your personal data with the data protection legislation.