About Us


The foundations of Bilfen Group Companies were laid by the takeover of the Vocational High School of Hotel Management and Tourism in Ortaköy by the founder A. Osman ÖZTÜRK in 1972. Deciding to provide its education services under the brand of "Bilfen" in 1988, the company commenced its initial activities for branding. With the purpose of being capable of providing a more quality service in the field of education and ensuring the maintenance of this service in upcoming years, the institution started to carry out activities also in the fields of collective catering, printing and publication in particular in order to meet the needs of its own students and schools and laid the foundations of the current leading companies of our country.

These companies which were founded by the group, that included new schools in its services in the field of education every passing day, for meeting its own needs have currently started to render a service to many domestic and foreign firms. Bilfen Group Companies is providing an employment opportunity to more than 8.200 people in its 24 companies carrying out business in different cities.

Trying to achieve perfection in all fields of activity by taking its business seriously, the group has adopted compliance with the ethical values as a pre-condition in all its activities performed up to the present day. With the determination of proceeding on its way with the rightful businesses that can be proud of in present and in the future just like in its past, Bilfen keeps its investments in all industries of service.


Bilfen Çankaya Kindergarten

Bilnet Ankara Eryaman Campus

Bilnet Bursa Osmangazi Campus

Bilnet İstanbul Büyükçekmece Campus

Bilnet İstanbul Sahil Campus

Bilkid’s Logistics Service Center

Bilsmart Technology Services


Vadi Bilfen Kindergarten

Bilnet İzmir Çamlık Kindergarten

Bilnet İstanbul Çamlıca Kindergarten

Bilnet İstanbul Çamlıca Campus

Vadibil Education Services

Bilnet Ankara Mogan Campus

Bilfen Ankara Oran Primary School

Bilkid’s Store – Antalya

Bilkid’s Store – İskenderun

Bilkid’s Store – İstanbul Altunizade

Bilkid’s Store – İstanbul Halkalı

Bilkid’s Store – İzmir Forum Bornova – Kidsmall

OnBurda Publication


Bilfen Maslak Primary School

Bilnet Eskişehir Campus

Besibil Agriculture and Livestock

Bandırma Fruit - Vegetable & Meatplants


Bilfen Konyaaltı Kindergarten

Bilfen Gaziantep Kindergarten

Bilfen Mavişehir Kindergarten

Bilfen Göktürk Kindergarten

Bilfen Çukurambar Primary School

Bilfen Gaziantep Primary School

Bilfen Gaziantep Anatolian High School

Bilfen Gaziantep Science High School

Bilnet Balıkesir Campus

Bilnet İzmir Bornova Campus

Bilnet İzmir Karşıyaka Campus

Çoki Publication

Biltur Catering Tarsus Productionplant


Bilfen Güzelbahçe Kindergarten

Bilfen Beysukent Kindergarten

Bilfen Güzelbahçe Primary School

Bilnet Ankara Yenimahalle Campus

Bilnet Bodrum Campus

Bilnet Denizli Campus

Bilnet Istanbul Beylikdüzü Campus

Bilnet İstanbul Kartal Campus

Bilnet Kocaeli Campus

Gaziantepbil Educational Institutions

Bilnet Printing -3rd Printingplant

Biltur Catering İzmir Kemalpaşa Productionplant


Etur School Bus Management

Bilnet Education Services

Bilnet Ankara Çayyolu Campus

Bilfen İzmir Anatolian High School

Bilfen İzmir Science High School

Bilfen Alkent Kindergarten


Bilfen Education Company


Bilfen İskenderun Kindergarten

Bilfen Bornova Kindergarten

Bilfen Bursa Bademli Kindergarten

Bilfen Tema Kindergarten

Bilfen İş Bankası Kindergarten

Bilfen Antalya Primary School

Bilfen İskenderun Primary School

Bilfen İzmir Bornova Primary School

Bilfen Bursa Primary School

Bilfen İskenderun Science High School

Bilfen İskenderun Anatolian High School

Bilfen Bursa Science High School

Bilfen Bursa Anatolian High School

Bilfen Antalya Science High School

Bilfen Antalya Anatolian High School

İskenderunbil Educational Institutions

Biltur Catering Gebze Şekerpınar Productionplant

Blizzo Cafe


Bilfen Nilüfer Kindergarten

Bilfen Lara Kindergarten

Bilfen Çaybağları Kindergarten

Bilfen Kayseri Primary School

Bilfen Halkalı Primary School

Bilfen Çayyolu Secondary School

Bilfen Bahçeşehir Science High School

Bilfen Çayyolu Anatolian High School

Bilfen Çayyolu Science High School

Bilfen Kayseri Anatolian High School

Bilfen Kayseri Science High School

Antabil Educational Institutions

Biltur Catering İstanbul Kıraç Productionplant

Biltur Catering Ankara Ostim Productionplant



Bilfen Çayyolu Kindergarten

Bilfen Sancaktepe ( Rings ) Kindergarten

Bilfen Çayyolu Primary School

Bilfen Sancaktepe Primary School

Bilfen Real Estate

Bilfen Real Estate-Investment


Bilfen Etiler Kindergarten

Bilfen Oran Kindergarten

Bilfen Florya Primary School

Bilfen Kurtköy Primary School

Bilnet Printing - 2nd Printingplant


Bilfen Florya Kindergarten

Bilfen Kartal Kindergarten


Bilfen Yapı Kredi Kindergarten

Bilfen Esenşehir Primary School

Bilfen Publication Group

Bilnet Printing 1st Printingplant

Biltur Catering İstanbul Dudullu ProductionPlant


Bilfen Bahçeşehir Kindergarten

Bilfen Kurtköy Kindergarten

Bilfen Bahçeşehir Primary School

Bilfen Yenişehir Primary School

Bilfen Bahçeşehir Anatolian High School


Bilfen Ümraniye ( Antrium ) Kindergarten

Bilnet Printing


Bilfen Acarkent Kindergarten


Bilfen Ataşehir Kindergarten

Bilfen Ataşehir Primary School

Bilfen Koşuyolu Primary School

Bilfen Anatolian High School


Bilfen Çekmeköy Kindergarten

Bilfen Suadiye Kindergarten


Bilfen Soyak Kindergarten


Bilfen Acıbadem Kindergarten



Bilfen Çamlıca Primary School


Biltur Catering and Food Inc.

Bilyapı Construction Inc.


Bilfen Koşuyolu Kindergarten


Bilfen Primary School


Bilfen Secondary School

Bilfen High School


Üsküdar Science High School


Being an educator, our founder Osman ÖZTÜRK
started his school management services by
taking over the Vocational High School of Hotel
Management and Tourism in Ortaköy in 1972.