About Us

Vision and Mission


To be among the leading and the best institutions in its fields by adding value to its country is all fields of activity


To proceed on its way based on the education based discipline in all fields of activity in the light of sustainable principles, its happy and productive employees, carry out such activities that contribute to the national development by supporting development, change and entrepreneurship.

Our Values

  • To carry out reliable and sustainable activities in all fields
  • To maintain all our business processes and relationships on the basis of integrity and honesty
  • To make investments in new fields of activity which can create a value both for our country and society by supporting innovative and entrepreneur ideas
  • To raise students who was leave a mark and create a difference in education industry
  • To offer a service and product quality at the acceptable universal standards at the least in other industries we are operating
  • To provide a satisfactory and safe working environment for the personnel employed at all levels
  • To be able to create and employ the best and skilled labour force
  • To be respectful to the applicable laws and codes of ethics
  • To be transparent and accountable with the understanding of corporate governance