About Us

Social Sensitivity


Being a foundation established within the structure of Bilfen Schools in 1995, BAYEM (Foundation of Protecting Successful and Poor Children with Education Needs) aims at providing assistance to orphan or abandoned students who are successful but do not have sufficient education opportunities.

These students are provided with the opportunity to maintain their studies in Bilfen Schools on a free of charge basis and the required support is provided in order for them to be under equal circumstances with their friends in the schools in all aspects.

Besides the educations costs such as food, school bus, clothing, school materials etc., all needs related to any social events like school trips and yearend balls are also afforded by BAYEM.

BAYEM also mediates the solution of any existing problems encountered by the students under its protection with regard to their parents, health and education by receiving support from the counselling and health units of the institution.

The support provided is not limited to primary and high school education as long as they are academically successful and students are supported also at the higher education level. Graduate students are prioritized in employment by the intragroup companies.

The Schools Constructed As a Donation

• Bilfen Preschool Education Unit – İzmir - Ege University Ethem Ünsal Kindergarten ( 2016 - 2017 )
• Bilfen Preschool Education Unit - Kayseri ( 2014 - 2015 )
• Bilfen Preschool Education Unit - Van - Merkez ( 2012 – 2013 )
• Bilfen Hürriyet Preschool Education Unit - Van - Merkez ( 2012 – 2013 )
• Bilfen Preschool Education Unit - Ümraniye ( 2012 - 2013 )
• Bilfen Preschool Education Unit - Tuzla ( 2012 - 2013 )
• Bilfen Preschool Education Unit - Fatih ( 2010 - 2011 )
• Bilfen Preschool Education Unit - Üsküdar ( 2010 - 2011 )
• Bilfen Preschool Education Unit - Tekirdağ ( 2009 – 2010 )
• Bilfen Preschool Education Unit – Mardin- Vatan Primary School ( 2009 – 2010 )
• Bilfen Preschool Education Unit - Üsküdar - Kindergarten of Şeyh Şamil High School ( 2007 – 2008 )

The Schools Whose Construction Was Supported

• Balıkesir Manyas Vocational High School ( 2010 – 2011 )
• Manyas Anatolian High School ( 2010 – 2011 )


We support the activities conducted by TEMA being a volunteer, leading, international and reliable Non-Governmental Organization which scientifically works for the protection of natural assets and particularly our territories with the principle of a sustainable life, believes in social peace based on the soil, communes with the public and has a voice in the future of the country and the world.

We have been implementing the so-called "Offspring TEMA" Program in our schools which was launched by TEMA in which Fattah Öztürk, our Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, is the Member of the Board of Trustees in order to bring the children and youth together with the nature and ensure that they establish a meaningful bond with the nature. Within the scope of this program, we created a grove in the name of our school by planting 600 trees at the area on E-5 highway shown by Üsküdar Municipality.

We also supported the so-called "1 Million Saplings Campaign" with our students, parents and employees. We regularly donate our waste papers to TEMA and uninterruptedly maintain our project works related to TEMA to raise the awareness of our students.

My Food is Yours!

Lunch needs of the students studying in Sakine Kalyoncu Special Education Implementation Centre and Üsküdar Vocational School for Special Education which are among the schools that prepare the students with special needs for life as self-confident, productive and happy individuals who can perform the roles in the society and fulfil self-care skills in accordance with the general objectives and basic principle of the Turkish national education are met by Biltur Catering ve Gıda A.Ş. within the structure of Bilfen Group Companies.