Fields of Activity

Printing / Packaging / Publication Group

Bilnet Printing and Publication Inc.

Starting production in 2007, Bilnet Printing proved its success in a short period of time thanks to its strong infrastructure and team with the motto of "quality, speed, detail, technology" and had a place among the leader printing houses of Turkey. With an aim to deliver the product at the highest quality and with the best timing by using the advanced technological equipment in pre-printing, printing and post-printing processes, Bilnet Printing continues to achieve innovations with its customer oriented service understanding and strong machinery.

Bilfen Publication Group

Bilfen Publication Group started its activities in the field of educational publication as a boutique publishing firm in January, 2010 by benefiting from the fund of knowledge and experience of Bilfen Schools being the leader and example institution of Turkish national education. Reaching to a leader position in educational publication with the brands of Bilfen Publication, Netbil Publication, Fenbil Publication and OnBurda Publication under its roof, the group makes its supplementary resources from preschool to university prepared by a competent and strong staff available to all students who want to succeed through more than 400 dealers in 81 cities of Turkey. Its primary objective is to contribute to the field by taking the deficiencies of children and the youth -being the future of the country- in the educational publication field into consideration. In this sense, the curriculums of the Board of Education of the Ministry of National Education are reviewed at each course level and even at each acquisition level by a competent author staff and the needs of teachers and students across the country are identified in accordance with this objective. Moreover, educational publication requires knowing the curriculums and examination systems and even examining student profiles carefully and seriously. Reviewing all curriculums and methodologies in the world with this awareness, Bilfen Publication Group keeps its studies both on the curriculums of our Ministry of National Education and other models available in the world. It prepares world-class supplementary resources for students across the country in learning and measurement fields.

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