Fields of Activity

Collective Catering and Food

Biltur Catering and Food Inc.

Founded to meet nutritional needs of the students studying in Bilfen Educational Institutions, Biltur Catering has started to engage in collective catering services upon the requests of corporate firms which procure the catering service from it in subsequent years.

The production activities were started in the Central Factory located in Dudullu, İstanbul and such activities are currently maintained at the production plants in Kıraç in the European side, Gebze Şekerpınar, Ankara Ostim, İzmir Kemalpaşa and Mersin Tarsus as well as the production kitchens situated in various cities.

Being among the most modern and hygienic plants of Turkey with its production capacity of 180.000 portion of meals per day, BİLTUR closely follows the developments in Quality Management and Food Safety systems.

Bandırma Fruit - Vegetable & Meat Plants

"Fruit - Vegetable & Meat Plants" which will be put into service in Bandırma at 10.000 square meter area within the structure of Biltur Catering are designed to meet the raw material needs of the Central Factory in Dudullu, Istanbul as well as the production plants in İstanbul Kıraç, Gebze Şekerpınar, Ankara Ostim, İzmir Kemalpaşa and Mersin Tarsus and onsite production kitchens available in several locations of Turkey at a high quality level and within optimal time periods.

Fruits - Vegetables & Meats which are prepared and packaged under hygienic conditions will be preserved without getting rotten thanks to the cold chain units available in the plant consisting of cold rooms and freezer rooms with the help of various preservation methods.

Besibil Agriculture and Livestock Inc.

Started to meet one of the most essential raw material needs of our catering firm within the structure of the Group, livestock raising is performed at the farms in Manyas, Balıkesir. The bovine animals which are raised in the most productive and quality manner are delivered to the kitchens for use in production after being processed in the Integrated Meat Plants of the Group in Bandırma in compliance with the standards stipulated by the T. R. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Our firm has recently started to grow crops as well with natural methods and begun to process the agricultural areas in Manyas, Balıkesir and taken the first steps of the production of fruits and vegetables from fields to tables.

Blizzo Cafe

Starting its operations in 2015 within the structure of Biltur Catering, "Blizzo Cafe" provides service to many corporate enterprises s like CNN and Doğuş Group at different location in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Kocaeli. With the offer of Ala carte meals upon request besides healthy snacks and hot meals in its menu, Blizzo Cafe keeps providing service with its six branches.

Bilfen Garden

Being put into operation in Çamlıca to host the events of all companies and schools in Bilfen Group Companies, "Bilfen Garden" hosts its guests with the capacity of 750 people at totally 850 square meter indoor area.